Grateful For…

Chances to see myself in others and learn how to be better for me and them both.

Learning opportunities available online from major universities at

My kids, my wife, DVRs, God’s blessings, people who read my blog, good friends, great food, football season, a great message at church, time with my girls, just so much it’s unbelievable.

Smiling kids happy to see me when I came up to church to help them learn more about guitar.

Learning to see people through “love-powered” eyes of empathy.

Realizing just how many fantastic people whose life threads are interwoven with mine…happy birthday to me!

Being pushed well out of my comfort zone to sing and lead worship with the kids band (rehearsal 09/01/12, leading worship 09/02/12)

Seeing the Four Tops and the Temptations in concert (08/31/12) at the Colorado State Fair…VERY good show.

Seeing the Steve Miller Band in concert (08/30/12) at the Colorado State Fair…AWESOME show!

Being part of an amazing worship service at Restoration Church today – Twice!

Jodi’s post that showed me how to be realistically optimistic

Investing 15 minutes of mindful decluttering of my car…now I can spend my 30 minutes of daily driving in much nicer environment


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