A Tiny Bit More Grateful

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more grateful and express that gratitude more openly. Sure, most of us are taught our magic words as little children…the “please” and “thank you” that are supposed to make life nice and easy.

But, over time, we start to simply recite the words by rote and don’t really give them the thought, the mental presence, the gravitas they deserve. (Yes, I realize ‘gravitas’ is pretty heavy word. In this case, I think it’s the perfect choice.)

Gratitude, on the other hand, is anything but rote recitation. It’s a deep feeling, I can’t even really describe it, but it’s a deep feeling of knowing that “it” is enough, “it” is perfect, “it” has made your life easier in some way, better in some way, richer in some way, deeper in some way, happier in some way, more joyful in some way.

And since I want my life to be easier, better, richer, deeper, happier, more joyful, more enough, more perfect, I’ve been trying to be more grateful. Let me try to really be clear about what I mean here. I’ve been really focusing on the “being” of being grateful. I’ve been integrating gratefulness into my being.

Today, this process of becoming a grateful being went to a whole new level as I got a tangible lesson in making a huge difference in another person’s life by simply being a tiny bit more grateful. As I went into the company break area to get some green tea, our facilities manager was refilling some supplies in the coffee area. When he paused, I told him I am very grateful for all the work he does, largely behind the scenes, to make our building a safe and comfortable place to work every day.

He smiled, then his eyes filled with tears and he told me that in the two years he’s worked there, I was the only person who had ever taken time to thank him. For me, it was only a few seconds of realizing how much he does on a daily basis and expressing my gratitude. For him, it was the first time in two years anyone bothered to notice him. And he stopped by my office several times throughout the day to tell me how much it meant.

Whew…I’m so glad I took the time to be a tiny bit more grateful.

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