A Tiny Bit More Progress-y

It’s been a while since I last wrote and there have been no shortage of lessons learned, mistakes made, and triumphs celebrated in that time. I’ve been consciously working on being more friendly, getting more healthy, gaining more professional credentials, and expressing myself more through music. In all the weeks and weeks since I last visited here, I’ve accumulated so many tiny bits it would take hours to list them all. So, I’ll spare you all of that.

And here, I’ll just say thank you to many of you who share your thoughts with the world. I am grateful you are doing what makes your spirit sing. I am grateful to be able to tap into your wisdom. I am grateful you challenge me. I am grateful you give me the benefit of your insights. In short, I am grateful for you. Jodi, if you’re reading this, this especially applies to you…your writing has been at whole different level the last several weeks.

Along the way, my own spirit prompted me to take the Tiny Bit Better idea and build on it. Doing that, I have started a new site called 1500 Forward Steps, where I’ll be keeping a journal of how my life unfolds as I approach my 50th birthday. There, I will be recording the tiny bits that will add up, day by day, as I continue to become the person God intended me to be. I will be honored if you choose to join me there. I am posting every day during the pre-launch period to build the habit.



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