A Tiny Bit Less Assume-y

Have you ever heard that old old saying “When you assume, you make an ass of u and me”? Well, in this case, I don’t think I made an ass of anyone. But, in my last post I had some underlying assumptions that I had not challenged or even acknowledged. I made some connections that likely don’t even exist in reality and presented some things in a way that didn’t tell the right story – either to me or to you. Thanks to a quiet little nudging question from Jodi at Heal Now and Forever Be in Peace, I saw what I had and hadn’t done.

I realize we all make assumptions every single day. One simple example: When you press the brake pedal in your car, you assume you will slow down and eventually stop. In fact, the list of little assumptions we make all the time is probably endless if we stop to think about it.

But in this case it went a little further than just making a simple assumption or two. In this case, it led to me taking on an entirely false reality. Were people speeding by me on a horrible road in horrible weather? Yes. Were there accidents, some of which were likely life-ending for some people? Yes. Were those two things related at all? Not necessarily.

I wonder how many times we all fall into the same trap. I think for the next several days we should all try to observe when we fall into this trap. I bet we’ll find that things are much better than we originally assumed.


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