A Tiny Bit More Patient

I learned yesterday there is almost nothing like driving 450 miles in snow, ice, often zero visibility and 40 mph wind to help develop a tiny bit more patience.

But only if you want to arrive at your destination in one piece, even if late by more than 3 hours. Since one of my major goals every time I get behind the wheel of a car is arrive safely, I always take road conditions into account. Sometimes this really tests my patience. Yesterday was a different story, though. Maybe it was the anxiety of having most of my family in the van with me. Maybe it was the added anxiety of placing my trust in our very survival to unnamed factory workers in Tennessee doing their jobs to the best of their ability almost a decade ago to ensure our van would make the trip in bitterly cold weather. Whatever the reason, I got a perfect opportunity to develop, exercise, learn, and perfect a tiny bit more patience yesterday. With myself. With my family. With other drivers.

Sadly, I witnessed the end result of several people who either didn’t want to be more patient or didn’t realize you must be more patient when you’re driving on a sheet of ice. I know of at least four people whose lives came to a tragic end yesterday because they couldn’t be bothered to slow down some. I pray for those families that were affected by the result of poor judgement and lack of patience.



  1. Hi Greg! So glad to see you back. Maybe they were just accidents? You can be careful and still crash. Or maybe you know they were in fact driving fast… then ignore me!

    1. Hi Jodi! Thanks for the welcome back. I definitely can’t ignore you. In fact, you’ve gotten me to me question my assumptions. I saw people driving VERY fast given the circumstances. And I saw the end result of some pretty bad accidents. But I did not see any of the people who zoomed past me actually in accidents. I usually try to examine my assumptions about events and in this case, I did not do that. Thanks for not only nudging me to question my underlying assumptions, but also for giving me a good idea for an upcoming post.

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