A Tiny Bit Back Now

After more than 7 months away, I have returned to this Tiny Bit Better blog. Why so long? I had some family issues and some personal issues to address and needed just one less distraction. Might not seem like much of a distraction to just sit down and type out one’s thoughts.

But I found out the hard way, when you’re trying to distill simple and profound learning points from a 24 hour period, it can be easy to fall victim to the pressure to perform. I never really intended this blog to be the biggest site on the web and I didn’t intend to ever act as if I have all the answers.

No…it was actually a way for me to look back and be able to learn my own lessons on being a Tiny Bit Better and then to share those in hopes it would make your journey just that much easier.

So, now that the new year has started and I’ve made a pretty fair number of a big changes, it is time once again to help myself, and possibly you, navigate through 2014 a tiny bit more sanely, with a tiny bit more grace towards myself and others. If it works out the way I hope and expect, my tiny bits – YOUR tiny bits – will really add up this year. And we’ll look back and surprise ourselves with how far our paths have taken us.

If you’re still here, I appreciate you a HUGE amount and hope you’ll continue to stick around.


I'd love for you to share your thoughts!

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