A Tiny Bit Too Much

Hi! It’s been a long time since my last post here. I’d love to say it’s been for a good reason, but I’m not entirely sure I can say that without stretching the truth. Sure, work has been crazy. Home has been very busy with 5 kids in the house and all of them doing something different in their extracurricular lives. And we’ve had our own busy busy busy going on between coaching various kids in different church bands or performing as part of the worship teams ourselves. These last few weeks have just been one mad dash after another.

And while that has fulfilling, it has also left me wondering if maybe it’s just too much now. If I look at any one of us as a singular entity, the level of activity seems good. Busy enough to stay out of trouble but not so busy as to be overwhelmed.

BUT…when I look at the 7 of us all together…Whew! It’s actually a bit overwhelming at times. Sometimes we look around us and wonder where the day went…what happened to the world while we were driving this one to here or that one to there.

It’s one of those deals where it’s both good and bad.

On the good side…the kids are flourishing, their talents are being developed, their interests are being acknowledged and tested, their minds are being opened…it’s a great thing.

On the bad side…we are putting nearly 500 miles on the cars each week…we are missing quantity and quality time both with all the kids…we don’t have enough time to pursue our own interests and talents…it’s not such a great thing all the time.

So, if you found yourself in this same situation, what would you do?  I look forward to your suggestions.



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