A Tiny Bit Intendy

I know I’m not the first person to toss the “new year resolution” idea into the waste bin. And I’m probably not the first guy to think of “setting Intentions” for the year instead of resolutions. But last night, as we counted down between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, my family and I talked about some new intentions we have for this year. Some of the things we talked about were:

New things we intend to do – There are some activities we all want to do, or do more of. For example, I’ve got a stack of books and magazines and a DVR full of old-time movies just waiting for me to “make time” for them. Why haven’t I gotten to them yet? I’ve been too busy taking care of things I “should” do. And in the meantime, I’ve missed quite a bit of what would quite simply make me happy. No more of that…2013 carries the intention of doing what lightens my soul. Yes, I will take care of my responsibilities, of course. But I will also make it my responsibility to do things that make my heart light.

New habits we intend to establish – I’ve known for quite some time that habit can be a very powerful force for us or against us. And this year it’s time to put that power into my favor more than I have before. To that end, I intend to form some new habits such as going to bed at the same time (or nearly) every night. And I intend to form the habit of seeing opportunities instead of problems.

“Bad” habits we intend to release – This category could be incredibly long, but I don’t want to focus on negatives. Yes, I want to acknowledge them, which automatically gives me power over them. But I don’t want to focus. One example of a bad habit I want to release is nail-biting. For some reason, I started this as a child and I haven’t ever dropped this habit. But this year, it’s time to let this one go.

New information we intend to gain and apply – This year, I intend to gain my Network+ certification and take some college courses (for credit, preferably, but there are some non-credit courses available online that I can hardly wait to take). Those are just a couple examples. There are also numerous business-related or finance-related concepts I want to learn and apply. Actually, this is a virtually limitless field and one of the hard parts will be learning to control my need to gain more information while I work to apply the information I just learned. Matter of fact, I have a feeling that will become an ongoing topic for this blog. 🙂

Old beliefs we intend to examine and maybe release – We all hold numerous beliefs about practically everything…especially ourselves. And most of the time, those beliefs go unquestioned or unchallenged. But this year, it’s time to expose my beliefs (especially about myself) to the cold light of reason and see if those beliefs are even true. For example, I’ve long held the belief that I’m not a very friendly person and I rarely make friends or establish relationships. But…as it turns out, when I examine that one in light of the facts from 2012…I AM a very friendly person and I DO establish and build relationships with carefully selected people. Excellent!

“New” people we intend to be – Yes, I am already a person and I’ve gone through much self-discovery (and yes…there’s a TON of this yet to do). But there are some new character traits I want to develop. In other words, I’d like to become a different kind of person. For example, I want to become a person who feels free to express his affection and love for people when it’s true. I want to become a person who thinks with compassion more consistently. Those are just some examples. And I suspect this will also be an ongoing topic for discussion on this blog as the year goes on.

How about you? Did you set any intentions or goals or resolutions for this year?



    1. Oooh…swearing. That’s another one on my list. I’m not nearly as bad as I used to be…but I’ve got a ways to go. Thanks for stopping by and being totally genuine.

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