A Tiny Bit More on Emotional Limbo

In a previous post, I shared some thoughts on drifting into emotional limbo…I suggest you read that post first.

In that one, I talked about moving away from the pain and towards the pleasure. I mentioned the idea of moving to a place where the pain is minimal and often getting stuck there because there is not enough incentive to keep progressing…there’s not enough pull from the pleasure side of the equation.

This morning while thinking of that entire concept some more, I was struck by a certain idea that adds a finer point on the idea of “minimal pain” and it’s this:

It’s not necessarily that the pain is minimal, so much as the pain is TOLERABLE. It could well be excruciating in a different circumstance. But for some reason, we will tolerate it in this case. It’s something we’ll put up with, because the most likely solution appears more painful.

If I’ve heard it said once, I’ve heard it 100 times, “You will only truly change when it becomes more painful to stay the way you are than you think it will be to change.” I don’t even remember who is supposed to have said it, but I finally REALLY understand it.



    1. Yes! I’m very much the same as your clients in this regard. For me, it’s the lure of the “known” – even if it’s uncomfortable…at least I know how uncomfortable it is. Sometimes it’s so hard to let go of that and move towards the “unknown but more amazing”. Thanks again for your thoughtful contribution.

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