A Tiny Bit of Second Thought

Ok, I want to admit more than a little surprise. I didn’t realize the small but dedicated audience here would be so badly put off by the idea of this blog stopping.

So…after more than a few email discussions, I have decided I will, indeed, keep writing this blog. And will do so in a way that honors me – and you – more thoroughly and more authentically.

Among the many things I’ve been learning lately, and getting a tiny bit better about, is authenticity. In that spirit, the total “open myself up and be vulnerable and really me” type of mindset, I would simply say….

…thank you, to everyone who took a moment to write and ask me to continue finding my voice and sharing what I learn.

…thank you, to everyone who makes an impact on me every day and causes me to pause and look at myself with fresh eyes.

…thank you, to you for investing your precious time in me. I hope to continue learning and growing and getting a tiny bit better every day so we can move along our long and winding roads together.


I'd love for you to share your thoughts!

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