A Tiny Bit More Authentic

Did you realize we’re all broken in some way? For a few years, we went to a church where the pastor talked about the value of being authentic…real…genuine…being ourselves. I always heard his message and appreciated it; I acknowledged it and tried to be myself, sometimes. But too often I found one reason or another to hide behind a mask.

Or hide behind the expectation I thought “you” might have.

Or hide behind what I thought “society” wanted.

Or hide behind my lack of a college degree.

Or hide behind (fill in the blanks).

But, a while ago I sensed it was time for a change. So, over the past year or so, I’ve been learning to be more authentic in some areas of my life. I’ve been more open, more honest, more willing to share myself with other people (including a growing number of people who read my blogs).

And I thought I was doing pretty good, when all the sudden “the student was ready and the teacher appeared.” I ran across a post about being more successful by being more authentic. While the entire post is rich with wisdom, this part resonated with me…actually caused my spirit to sit up and take notice:

As long as I keep being me, as long as I keep staying true to myself and who I am, it doesn’t matter how many jobs I get or don’t get. None of it matters. What matters is that I am living in my truth and the people who need me will find me. And I will find the people I need. I will find the answers I need. But more importantly, I will find the questions.

I literally read that passage 20 times and let the message roll through me. It occurred to me that I’ve been working outside my truth on this blog more than I’d like to admit. Sometimes I’ve been more concerned with how a post might impact my readership numbers when I should have paid attention to how the post impacted you…whether the post adds value to your life, whether the post resonates from my truth to yours.

So, to honor our respective truth, I promise from this point forward I will share my truth from my soul, spirit, mind and heart. All I want from you in return is to share this blog with others IF and ONLY IF something here resonates with your truth.

And together we’ll be a tiny bit more authentic every day.



    1. In retrospect, I wish I’d chosen that path right from the start instead of hiding behind what I thought people might want to hear. And following your example, I’ll be more courageous about being authentic. Thanks Jodi.

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