A Tiny Bit of New Language

The last few days have been VERY interesting for our family. But even with the busy, busy, busy, I’ve been reading like crazy. Or maybe BECAUSE of the busy, busy, busy, I’ve been reading like crazy. And one of the things I’ve been reading about is the power of our words. The power of our words to empower and enliven us. Or to depress and degrade us. I’d like to share a tiny bit of what I’ve been learning.

  1. Using the words “I am” I can create my present and by extension, my future. If I say “I am a fat slob” then I have identified myself as a fat slob in the here and now. Unless I make some sort of change, I will continue to be a fat slob. On the other hand, if I say “I am healthier every day” then I have identified myself as someone who makes good health choices every day. So, it is up to me to decide who I want to be and then begin to identify myself that way.
  2. I will confess that in the past (which means “up until a few minutes ago”) I had a habit of reacting negatively to certain things. If someone cut me off in traffic, I usually shook my head and called them a few names and if I was in the car by myself I would even cuss that person out. I’ve been learning that a MUCH more constructive way of handling those situations is to very simply say, “Fascinating.” This approach allows me to immediately re-frame the event and detach from it a little and diffuse the stress. And then I can be more compassionate towards the other person.
  3. I’m making a conscious effort to thank people. Obviously when they do something for me, I will thank them. But, I mean I’m taking a moment throughout the day to express my gratitude to people who have an impact on my life. You wouldn’t believe the impact that simple little gesture has on folks. I never realized just how seldom people get expressions of genuine gratitude until I started this practice.


I wonder if you have any other ideas I might try. Feel free to share below.


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