A Tiny Bit Reflective

On this 11th anniversary of 9/11, the most destructive terrorist attack on American soil, I’ve been somewhat reflective. For all the obvious reasons, of course. But also for some very personal reasons, such as:

One of my buddies from the Army was killed the Pentagon and this time every year, I take time to pause and pray for him, his family, and the despicable hate-filled people who caused his death. It’s very hard to forgive the zealots who thought they could make a political and religious point by killing innocent victims. But as hard as it is for me to forgive, I must. Especially as I learn that forgiveness is for MY mental and emotional and spiritual health.

Like most Americans, I have grown tired of a war that seems to drag on and on with no discernible end-point. Maybe if our “leadership” could re-state the purpose of the war in clear, simple terms…maybe if our “leadership” could explain what we stand to gain as a nation by continuing the war…

I’m not sure I understand why we have such little patience for each other day to day and only seem to “unite” during some national tragedy or catastrophe. It strikes me that this particular circumstance might well be a national tragedy in its own way.

The pace of change has never been so quick as it seems to be now, but surprisingly little seems to change.

I’m under absolutely no obligation to serve anyone in this world except myself. But it sure makes the world a better place for everyone, especially me, if I do take a moment to serve someone else in some way. And especially if I can do it anonymously. And the happiness I create for all of us concerned MORE THAN makes the effort worth it.

I can choose to be happy in any and every circumstance. And now, I choose to be happy and offer a toast to my lost buddy.



  1. “It’s very hard to forgive the zealots who thought they could make a political and religious point by killing innocent victims.”

    I am afraid, many times, it is Americans who kill innocent victims. We must take that responsibility. 🙂

    1. Certainly cannot disagree with you there, but over the past 10 years, I believe statistics bear out the idea that sectarian violence among muslims has claimed more innocent lives than anyone here seems to want to acknowledge. And if your comment was in any way seeking to justify terror attacks, then we might need to have a much larger discussion. But as always, Jodi, I very much appreciate your contribution to the blog.

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