A Tiny Bit Visiony

I know “visiony” is a weird word, but I think it fits where my thought have been taking me yesterday and today. Yesterday at church, our senior pastor’s message was centered around his vision for our church over the next twenty years. The way he presented his message was nothing short of brilliant, presenting his one-sentence vision statement and then the three major points in the church’s mission statement, showing how each supports the overall vision.

The full body of the message presented a manifesto of sorts, showing how we would tangibly live out each of the major mission statement points in support of the overarching mission. By the end of the message, our pastor had the hundreds of people in the congregation fully on board with investing their time, their energy, their money, their emotion, their strength, their prayer support, their lives to support the pastor’s vision for the next 20 years.

So, I asked myself today, why exactly was I one of those ready to support a 20-year vision? It boils down to some very simple ideas, which I will be putting into practice in my own life over the next couple of weeks.

  1. Vision – A powerful and empowering picture of the present and future, clearly and simply articulated.
  2. Mission – Short and powerful “top line” statements of how we will achieve the vision.
  3. Manifesto – Powerful, empowering “bottom line” statements specifying tangible ways of accomplishing the mission.

If you have created a vision statement or a mission statement or a manifesto for yourself or your company, I hope you’ll share that in the comments section so we might all benefit.


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