A Tiny Bit Grateful

We’ve all heard how important it is to be grateful…genuinely grateful for the many blessings in our lives. And over the past few days, that topic has been on my mind, occupying most of my thoughts. According to all the “experts” we should be grateful because “whatever we’ll appreciate will appreciate.” In other words, if I am genuinely grateful for something, I can “expect” more of it from “the Universe.” I think the key there is to be genuinely grateful.

I mean…I think we need to be careful to make sure our gratitude comes from the right intention. It’s a beautiful thing to be truly and completely and humbly thankful for the gifts you have received in all areas of your life. And it’s something else entirely to be “grateful” with “OK, I’ve been grateful for _____, so come on universe, let’s have more of it” kinds of thoughts floating around in the back of the mind. I’m no expert on such things, but I’m pretty well convinced “the Universe” is smarter than that.

So, for example, tonight we celebrated a combination birthday time for two of the girls, one turning 9 and the other turning 19. The 9 year old did what almost every 9 year old in the world does…ripped through the gift wrap, evaluated the gift quickly, said her obligatory “thank you” and moved on to the next one. What that was all said and done, the grandparents looked at us and said they were sad because it looked like she barely even looked at the gifts and it seemed like she was just going through the motions on her thanks.

Contrast that with the 19 year old, who slowly and carefully unwrapped each gift, paused to look at it and allowed her excitement to grow and then she looked at whoever the giver was and said a very obviously heartfelt “I love this. Thank you SO much.” And when it was all said and done, the grandparents remarked to me they could hardly wait until Christmas to give her more gifts because her thank yous made them feel like they had selected perfect gifts and made them “feel like a million bucks.”

And please don’t get me wrong. I know part of the difference is age and maturity and I am NOT in any way “condemning” the younger girl. I’m just using the situation as a tangible example of the main thought I’m writing about tonight.

And tonight was a great reminder about genuine gratitude. And speaking of genuine gratitude…I am truly, completely and humbly grateful that you have stopped by and read my thoughts. And I will be truly, completely and humbly grateful if you share yours too.


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