A Tiny Bit More Realistic

I realize there are some connotations of the word “realistic” that are sometimes a little on the negative side. And I’ll admit a little too much readiness to see the word in that way too.

But today, as my birthday winds down, I see “realistic” in a whole different, much more positive way.

You see, I’ve always thought of myself as someone who has little or no real impact on people. In a way, I have tried VERY hard to cultivate that type of image and situation. And I think that was a defensive mechanism, so that if someone DID forget me, it wouldn’t be that big a deal.

BUT…in all sorts of ways, through all sorts of media, in person and online, by phone, you name it…people I’ve known longer than I remember and people I just met Sunday made it a point to find me and wish me a happy birthday.

Maybe you see that and your initial reaction is “big whoop, so they spent a few minutes saying happy birthday.”

I’d like to mention that it IS a big deal. A person’s attention is the most precious “commodity” they own and literally 200+ people told me in one way or another that their attention was on me, even for a little while.

So, as this birthday winds down and I get ready to go to sleep, I’m very thankful for a big-time reality check today. Apparently, I’ve woven the threads of my life into the life-threads of far more people than I thought.

And now I can move forward a tiny bit more realistically. Awesome!



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