A Tiny Bit More Chunky

I know what you’re thinking…”chunky?? Why is Greg writing about being chunky? Chunky isn’t good, is it?”

Actually, what I’m talking about is the simple idea of breaking goals into small, daily “chunks” that can be completed in just a few minutes. I’m planning a few things I want to accomplish between my 44th and 45th birthdays and part of my planning process is to “chunk ’em down” to manageable size.

For example, I want to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time (I read The Hobbit last year). Looking at all three books together, it’s 1360 pages and with everything else I know will be going on during that year, it’s just too much. But, chunking it down to four pages a day, I can finish all three in that year easily, in about five minutes each day. Chunk-tacular!

I also want to read the Bible from cover to cover during that year, simply to strengthen my faith and learn more about God. The copy I’m using breaks down to three pages per day…about 10-minutes per day to learn timeless principles and grow closer to my God. That’s even chunk-tacularier!

Starting September 4th, I’ll be launching another site to document the year between my 44th and 45th birthdays. During that year, there are some things I want to accomplish and I also want to be open to taking advantage of any new opportunities and interests that catch my attention. So, throughout that entire year, if you follow me on that site too, you’ll see several examples of chunking in action.

Now…what’s a goal you accomplished by breaking it down to small manageable daily action steps?


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