A Tiny Bit Amazed

In case you don’t know already, I play guitar for my church’s worship band pretty often. I’ll admit there are times I am 100% fully engaged in worshiping my God through my music and there are times I’m just going through the motions. Sometimes I am 100% fully prepared before rehearsal day and sometimes…well, sometimes I’m much less than 0% prepared.

This weekend I was totally unprepared and so was everyone else on the worship team. That’s right, when we met for rehearsal on Saturday evening, we realized that NOBODY had been able to prepare for the weekend. And normally that would mean we were in for a total disaster. We tried to get out of our own way and just barely managed to have a “decent” rehearsal. Although, in all honesty none of us felt any more prepared for the Sunday services at the end of more than two hours of rehearsal.

But the Bible says that God can use our weakness to demonstrate His own strength. And that’s what we were counting on as we all showed up at the church this morning. Before we got on stage and picked up our instruments and microphones, we decided to get together and pray for the services and for God to take over and use our weakness and lack of preparation for His strength and glory.

And only one word can describe what happened: Amazing!

I won’t describe what all happened at the church this morning during both services, in respect to the privacy of those involved.

But I will say that I am amazed at what can happen when you’re in a situation where you can’t rely on your conscious effort. I am amazed at what can happen when you MUST get out of your own way and do things from the heart. I am amazed at what can happen when you have to rely on a strength and wisdom far greater than yourself.

After everything that happened today, I am actually more than just a tiny bit amazed. Have you had any similar situations? I’d love to hear about it.


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