A Tiny Bit Over the Edge

The past several months have been all about pushing myself in one way or another, moving out of my comfortable niche, getting off the nice safe plateau. In other words, about pushing myself to the edge in ways I never did before.

And for some reason I haven’t yet figured out, today seemed to be about being pushed not just to the edge, but even a tiny bit OVER the edge. I won’t lie to you and say “oh no, there was nothing at all the least bit scary about being pushed over the edge a little”. No…the truth is this simple: it was uncomfortable, scary, nerve-rattling, not something I would have chosen for myself.

Which is why, as you might have noticed above, I said I was “pushed”.

But, pushed or not, I came out just fine…no bumps or bruises…no bloody nose. In fact, the only thing broken today was my concept of some of my limitations. Thanks to some not so gentle pushes by a handful of people who care enough not to leave me as-is, I got to learn this about going a tiny bit over the edge:

  • It’s fine to be a little fearful, as long as you don’t let it stop you. Being fearful is actually pretty normal when we are in unfamiliar territory. And realizing it’s normal makes it easier to keep going in spite of the fear.
  • It’s amazing just a tiny bit over the edge. Why? Because it’s completely “undiscovered” territory. I never went there before and as it turns out, going there today has given me a certain amount of courage for the next time. No, I didn’t go there by myself this time. But now I know it’s not dangerous, so next time I can push myself a tiny bit over the edge.

And as I look back on the day, I realize I’m ready to push myself a tiny bit over the edge and have my best adventure yet.

How about you? Have you pushed yourself a tiny bit over the edge? Please share!


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