A Tiny Bit More Contented

Yesterday at church, our pastor was teaching from Phillipians 4:11 about developing the ability to be content, regardless of the circumstances. I’d like to paraphrase from his teaching because I chose today to put it into practice and learn to do it.

First, what does it mean to be content regardless of the circumstances?

  • Recognizing there is a larger purpose being fulfilled in the circumstances
  • Recognizing even the worst of circumstances carry the seed of amazing blessings

Well, interestingly enough, I was right in the middle of writing this post and we had a momentary internet problem and I lost the original draft. So, the rest of this post, beginning right now, it totally right off the top of my head, with no editing. I may come back to it on a later day and follow-up. Or might not. We’ll see.

So…learning from this very situation…I think the larger purpose being served here is to put a new lesson right in my lap. And I think the amazing blessings that might grow from this situation include (but are probably not limited to) being able to better focus in this very moment on practicing my new contentment skills.

And as I sit back and think about it a moment, I’m VERY content even in the context of this goofy situation. Why?

  • This version of the post is half the size of the original and has better, more focused ideas, I think
  • Losing the original post let me focus on what what most important…putting my money where my mouth is, applying what I’m learning, allowing me to get a tiny bit better
  • Losing the original post let me speak more from the heart…letting me be a little more artistic and a lot less “look at me learn these things, aren’t I amazing”
  • This version is much more raw and I believe that will serve you best, if you were the one who needed this message

Overall…I think I’m comfortable in saying, “I am learning to be content in all things”.

How about you? Are you content now? Or is this something you need to learn too?  Please share!


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