A Tiny Bit More Connected

Note: This is an edited version to tighten up the copy and ensure the main point is more clearly visible. Many thanks to everyone who wrote and offered constructive feedback on how to be better at this.

Back in 2003, I made a good friend in the UK, while I was there for work. Over time, we did what many people do, which is to “eventually” stop writing and about 2007 we pretty much lost contact altogether. It was one of those things where life just got in the way.

But going through the messages in my facebook account yesterday, I saw an unexpected name and message. Sure enough, it was my old friend from the UK, after more than 5 years. The message included an apology for not trying harder to stay in touch and a hopeful idea that we might catch up. And that’s exactly what we started to do, catching up thanks to the ease of our modern technology.

Interestingly (to me, anyway) this “chance encounter” has helped me realize that with all the communication tools around me just waiting to be used, I still too often push people away or keep them at arms length for many reasons. And that thought process naturally led me to realize that I want to do a better of job of connecting with people, especially the people who share my home.

In other words, it’s helped me realize that I want to invest a little time every day in learning to be a tiny bit more connected.


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