A Tiny Bit More Need-Less

In a recent post, Jodi Lobazzo Aman at healnowandforever.net opened my eyes with her thoughts on how we use the word “need” in a way that removes our power in life.

She said, we all too often actually mean “choose” or “want” or even “prefer” instead. By using the word “need” we cut off all the alternatives we might have enjoyed otherwise. If I say “I need to check email now” it carries the subconscious meaning that my very survival or happiness or fulfillment are dependent on checking email. And we all know that email is about a million miles away from that level of importance.

Instead, I could say “I would like to check email” and it gives me all the power of choice in the moment. I could check email or I could put it off to a better time. Or I could decide not to do it at all.

So for the next few days, I will be paying attention to how many times I use the word “need” when I really mean “choose” or “prefer” or “want”. And over time, I’ll be a tiny bit more “need-less”ly powerful.




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