A Tiny Bit More Intentional

Over at ZenHabits.net, Leo talked recently about being more intentional in our lives. The main thrust of the idea is to take something we do almost mindlessly and take the time to be VERY mindful about it. To take an extra few seconds to frame it as an act of service or an offering of love.

One good example would be picking dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper. Normally I would do that because I just don’t like dirty clothes on the floor (that one sentence alone would shock my mom). But to be more intentional about it, I would take an extra second or two to put the dirty clothes in the hamper to provide a cleaner environment for my family. Instead of washing the dishes just to clean up the mess, I would wash the dishes to ensure my family can enjoy a meal together in a clean and peaceful setting.

Well, I respect Leo so I wanted to try his idea out as quickly as possible.

Today I started teaching a 3-day class where I break complex satellite-related concepts down for people with little or no technical or engineering background. And normally I’m pretty darn good at teaching this class, but I realized after reading Leo’s post that I’ve probably been going through the motions for the past year or so.

Instead, today I was intentionally “intentional” about teaching this class. I set the intention for this class as “helping each student to learn something they can apply in their jobs immediately.” And in every teaching moment, I felt like it made a huge difference. I won’t know for sure until Thursday. But some of the initial feedback I’m getting from my students is that they will be able to “take this back to work right away” and “I’ll be able to use this as soon as I get back to the office.”

What’s one area you be more intentional and totally transform things? I’d love to learn from you.


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