A Tiny Bit of New Perspective

Today in church, our pastor was teaching on pathways to peace, based on Phillipians 4:8-9, specifically that we can gain peace through right thinking. One of the things I like about Pastor Paul is how he breaks things down into easy-to-understand chunks.

And one chunk today hit home particularly hard. He was talking about how easy it is for us, as part of our human nature, to miss the 100 beautiful sights around us because we’re focused on the piece of trash in the parking lot. He had a couple of examples, which I won’t repeat word for word, but they boiled down to this:

  • Too often we miss all the good in our spouses because of the one thing they do that bugs us
  • Too often we miss the 5 A’s our kids get on their report cards because of the B that’s there too
  • Too often we miss all the friendly people around us because we let the one jerk consume our minds
  • Too often we miss all the greatness that could be ours because we’re thinking about the badness instead

Now, let me tell you…when this particular part of the pastor’s teaching hit me right between the eyes, it was pretty powerful.

So, Pastor Paul wanted to give us something tangible we could actually put into practice right away. He challenged us to keep an eye on our thoughts and do what the apostle Paul said, taking our thoughts captive to make them obedient. He challenged us to catch ourselves focusing on the bad things and immediately bring that under control to focus on the good.

And that’s a tiny bit of perspective I really needed today. Pastor Paul…thanks.



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