A Tiny Bit Friendlier

I’ve always been introverted, which is not a bad thing. It simply means that I prefer to be by myself, I feel refreshed when I can spend time alone.

BUT…as with many introverts, some of the people around me have perceived me as standoffish, unfriendly, grouchy, aloof, haughty and probably a few other bad things. And I know this is the case because I was informed of such by someone who had the courage enough to say something earlier this week.

I wanted to do an experiment to see if I could make one tiny tweak and maybe change how I am perceived.

The experiment…every time another person could possibly come in contact with me as I walked the halls, I made it a point to smile like I was happy to be alive.

So far, the results have been WAY out of proportion to the amount of “effort” required.

1. I have actually started to feel happier, which I will admit was a little unexpected. I’ve often heard that you can act your way into feeling a certain way. You know, if you wanted to feel happy, you act happy. And I’m happy to report, in my experience it actually worked.

2. I’ve already had a couple people mention to me that I seem a little friendlier lately and “no offense, but it’s kind of a nice change.”

You know what…I wouldn’t have believed it until I tried it myself.


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