A Tiny Bit of a Welcome

Hello and welcome to the new Tiny Bit Better blog.

For the past year I’ve been writing on http://44squared.blogspot.com and now that I’m approaching the end of that blog’s mission, I’ve started this one to pick up where that one leaves off.

BUT – the big difference is this one will have (I hope) a longer lifespan by design.

And I can hear the question now…Why the name “Tiny Bit Better”? The reason is very simply this: One of my favorite personal growth and expansion and empowerment and enlargement ideas is this: just get a tiny bit better every day and before you know it, those tiny bits add up to something really special.

So, I thought I’d find ways to share what I learn about getting better and stronger and smarter (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.). Maybe, something I find and share will be the one key piece of information that makes all the difference for you.

Something else different from the old blog…I’m hoping to have MUCH more interaction through the blog and much less through email. I certainly don’t mind getting email from readers. But I think we can all mean so much more to each other by carrying on good discussions and lively interaction where the whole world can see and join in.

And now…let’s all start getting a Tiny Bit Better together.


I'd love for you to share your thoughts!

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